There are many ways you can make sure that your actions are contributing to positive water quality. Whether you live in an urbanized area with no stream in sight, or are a streamside landowner with hundreds of acres, your activities make a difference!

I live in an urban area, what can I do to have a positive impact?

  • Remember that if it goes down the drain, it goes into the creek. Even if you don’t live near a stream, when it rains, precipitation can wash anything on your lawn into the storm drain systems, and into our creeks. Visit our urban watershed care page for detailed information.
  • Visit our water quality pages for detailed tips about watershed-friendly car care, yard care, and home water use.

I’m a streamside landowner, what can I do to improve my property?

  • Plant trees, shrubs, and ground covers near your creek. If you live on Deep, Clear, or Eagle Creek, you may be eligible to participate in the SHADE OUR STREAMS project. If you live near Rock Creek, consider participating in the Rock Creek Partnership, a joint venture by CRBC, Friends of Trees, and SOLV (funding provided by Water Environment Services ). We’ll do the work for you!
  • Remove invasive species. It’s always easier to remove a small patch of weeds by hand than wait until it spreads out of control, and chemicals may be required. If you’re not sure the plant is invasive, contact CRBC, or our partners at the Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District.
  • If you need to use pesticides, use them responsibly. You can also consider using pesticide alternatives or integrated pest management techniques to get rid of invasive species. CRBC has a wealth of information available here.