Our Mission

We foster partnerships for clean water and to improve fish and wildlife habitat and the quality of life for those who live, work and recreate in the watershed.

We accomplish this by:
  • Undertaking watershed restoration to increase the abundance, diversity, and productivity of native resident and anadromous (salmon and steelhead) fish populations throughout the basin.
  • Protecting and enhancing the quality and quantity of source water for domestic water supplies to meet an increasing population.
  • Controlling non-native weeds, and restoring native vegetation to improve both aquatic and terrestrial habitats.
  • Engaging communities and landowners in watershed improvement projects that protect and enhance the natural resources.

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“When the river thrives, we all thrive—especially when we work together.”

Video Highlights

Get the scoop on Council activities in these videos:

Clackamas Inspires

This video was created for the 2022 Annual Clackamas Watershed Celebration.
It explores how the Clackamas River Basin Council's restoration work is important not only for our ecology and wildlife, but also for the art and culture of our basin.
We thank speakers Bobby Mercier from the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, Earlean Marsh from Spiral Gallery, Danica Glazier of Happy Valley, and CRBC staff, as well as our narrator Todd Bartlett.

Gardening for Wildlife

Your garden can bring joy to you, family and friends as well as local wildlife. This presentation highlights our native wildlife and non-native invasive species, their identification, interactions, habits, benefits and potential impacts.

Gardening for Wildlife Part 2

Learn about the hazards of pesticides and how beneficial insects can substitute for the need to use pesticides, which flowers attract which pollinators, native plants for each microclimate of your yard - and more!

Journey Down the Clackamas: Policies Providing Success in the Clackamas River Basin and a Look to Future Policies

The success of work in the Clackamas River Basin comes from bringing partners together and building upon policies that support this work. This final session of Journey Down the River includes an overview of public policies, including those in the future, that influence watershed stewardship.
Presenters: Jan Lee, Oregon Association of Conservation Districts, Tom Byler, Oregon Water Resources Department, Jim Brick, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, and Representative Jeff Reardon, District 48