Water quality monitoring  in the Clackamas watershed

The Clackamas River Basin Council is a Pesticide Stewardship Partner. Together, we identify potential concerns and improve water quality affected by pesticide use. With use our combined local expertise and water quality sampling results to encourage voluntary changes in pesticide use and management practices.

The Clackamas River Basin Council samples 5 creeks in the Clackamas basin (Sieben Creek, Noyer Creek, North Fork Deep Creek, Clear Creek and Rock Creek). These samples are sent to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality for analysis where they are tested for the presence of over 130 pesticides. Oregon DEQ offers a Data Viewer, where interested community members can see these results. The data viewer is located here: https://www.oregon.gov/deq/wq/programs/pages/pesticide.aspx.

Our partners in the Clackamas Technical Working Group have compiled several different resources to provide information to individuals interested in the quality of the water in the Clackamas Watershed, which provides drinking water for nover 300,000 individuals. We all have a role to play in keeping our water clean, and it’s easy to make a positive impact.

Resources include:

  • What You Can Do, and Why It Matters. Cost-effective, easily implemented tips are featured on this page. We’ve also included links to partner agencies that can help answer any questions you may have.
  • Resources for Residents. Do you have a question about anything water-related? Check out this page, and we’ll direct you to a professional that can help find an answer.
  • Technical Data. This database listing combines technical reports, water quality databases, and other resources that provide a detailed look at water quality in the Clackamas watershed, and beyond.
  • Clackamas Technical Working Group Partners. Partnering with others in the Technical Working Group helps to make everyone more efficient, effective, and informed. Learn more about each organization here.

Which watershed are you in? Find out by looking at the map below. If you’re not part of the Clackamas watershed, you can find your watershed council listed at the Network of Oregon Watershed Councils.