Deep Creek, which is the sub-watershed that flows through Boring and surrounding lands, is a priority area for our Council. Salmon were recently spotted returning (in Fall 2010) to the North Fork of Deep Creek to spawn. However, this tributary is also plagued by turbidity (water cloudiness, usually from excess soil in the water), and pesticides.

CRBC has engaged in a number of projects in Deep Creek. We monitor water quality through agreements with DEQ and in partnership with Portland State, and we provide pesticide use reduction information to watershed residents. We also recently removed a weir that was blocking fish passage through the North Fork in conjunction with Clackamas County Service District #1. Riparian buffer planting efforts will be a major focus in this area in the upcoming years.

For more technical information, you can also read our Deep Creek Fish Passage Barrier Assessment.

I live here, what can CRBC do for me?

  • There are several ways we can work together to improve Deep Creek. You can CONTACT US for free assistance with streamside restoration.
  • You can also sign up to receive information about pesticide use reduction, which is especially important for Deep Creek.
  • You can also VOLUNTEER at a work party in the watershed!