The CRBC’s Basin Action Plan (BAP) is one of our proudest accomplishments. Completed in 2005 by the Watershed Professionals Network, it is a veritable fountain of information.

The Basin Summary outlines the wealth of natural resources in the Clackamas Basin and describes the ecoregions in the area. It also features information on fish populations, aquatic riparian habitat, and water quality and water quantity. If you’re looking for general information about the Clackamas, this is a great starting place.

The Action Plan itself is a roadmap for the Council. It describes our five main action areas – Council Operations and Development, Stream Enhancement, Assessments and Research, Monitoring, and Education and Outreach. The BAP also provides information about CRBC’s partner organizations, challenges faced in the basin, and strategies for improving watershed health.

Appendix B of the Action Plan includes a prioritized list of all fish passage barriers, both natural and man-made, in the watershed. This document guides us to projects to seek out funding for, and helps us to be strategic in our actions.

Appendix X outlines specific actions that can be taken for the watershed.

If you have any questions about our action plan, please contact the Council!