We’re in the peak of summer – prime time to explore our great Oregon rivers, forests and lakes. Go forth and recreate! – and please follow these tips to prevent the spread of invasive species:


Wipe your boots – Clean all of your gear in between adventures, but especially your boots and pants to ensure there are no seeds or bugs riding along for your next adventure.

Stay on the trail – Walk on marked paths to limit the area that invasive seeds may take root.

Brush your pets – Use a fine-tooth comb or brush to get all the seeds and burrs out of your furry friendsí fur. 


Shake out your tent – Sweep your tent as you pack up to avoid spreading seeds and bugs to your next site.

Clean your gear – Wipe clean your tent stakes, as they can hold mud with seeds that you might inadvertently plant at your next perfect camp site.

Buy it where you burn it – Don’t transport firewood with you as invasive insects can hitch a ride. Burn firewood within 10 miles of where you get it.


Stow-aways beware – Clean your craft, paddles, and all equipment after you take it out of the water to remove all plants, animals and mud.

Leave empty – Drain all water from the craft and bilge pump to make sure you donít transport aquatic critters and plants to the next body of water.

Dry Dry Dry Dry Dry – Let all your gear dry for five days before introducing it into another waterway.

For more information, download the How To Prevent Invasive Species guide from PlayCleanGo.org, and thanks!

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