2023-24 Shade Our Streams Program

Another round of Shade Our Streams in the Clackamas Watershed Clackamas River Basin Council is launching a new riparian restoration effort in the Deep Creek watershed, supported by Portland General Electric’s Clackamas Habitat Fund. The 50 square mile Deep Creek watershed in the lower Clackamas River basin, which includes parts of the communities of Barton,

We’ll build it; they will come

By Bill Monroe The jury may still be out, but the evidence is mounting. Partnerships on the Clackamas River are resulting in significant successes for wild fish, defying perceptions of fish-killing dams. The secret is in partnerships. Witness this excerpted 2023 report from PGE’s Clackamas Project at North Fork Dam, from senior scientist Nick Ackerman:

CRBC’s New Free Webinar Series

Introducing a 30-minute lunch hour webinar series to help PNW residents protect drinking water quality and wildlife habitats at home Clackamas, OR – The Clackamas River Basin Council is offering a 6-month series of free 30-minute webinars to help locals protect drinking water quality and wildlife habitats in their own yards. During November 2023 to

Halloween and No Ivy Day

On Oct 28, come as you are (or as you aren’t!) to a Halloween themed Work Party Oregon City, OR – The Clackamas River Basin Council is looking for volunteers to help save trees from invasive English ivy along the Clackamas River in Oregon City. To celebrate Halloween, costumes are encouraged – but optional. English

Chum Salmon Surveying using eDNA

Chum Salmon Surveying using eDNA Kelcee L. Smith, Ph.D.Chum Salmon Reintroduction CoordinatorOregon Department of Fish and Wildlife At one time, Chum Salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) were one of the most encountered salmonids in theLower Columbia River, but today, they are one of the rarest. To find these fish and restore their populations, the Program to Restore

Fishing on the Clackamas

By Brian Chou I may be a little biased in saying this, but I’d like to think that we as residents of the Pacific Northwest, live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Every day I am humbled to see the natural landscape, topography, and depth as I look towards the horizon.