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Let’s Get Bonatical Together!

It’s Pride Month and we hope you’ll be part of our iNaturalist group called Let’s Get Botanical Together! Please join and share your botanical observations.

Why celebrate Pride Month in nature?

Nature is a sanctuary, but not all experiences in the outdoors are not created equally; assurances of safety and lack of gender neutral bathrooms and are obstacles that many face. Join us in this month of Pride observance to appreciate and respect the Queer experience 🙂

What is iNaturalist?

iNaturalist is an online community that allows you to share observations to discuss, identify, and create research-quality citizen science data for science and conservation

Other ways to get involved:

Please also visit other iNaturalist groups such as LGBTQ+ Naturalist when making observations – this group welcomes LGBTQ+ individuals to share observations and connect with others who have a passion for nature:

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