Carli Creek Regional Stormwater Wetland

Carli Creek Regional Stormwater Wetland Thank you to CRBC Board Member Gail Shaloum for contributing this post. Gail Shaloum is the Natural Resource Scientist for Clackamas Water Environment Services. The Carli Creek regional stormwater wetland is located on a 15- acre patch of land in unincorporated Clackamas County wedged between industrial properties and the Clackamas

Stash the Trash is Back!

Stash the Trash is Back! Clackamas, OR – After a busy Fourth of July holiday weekend, the Clackamas River basin Council reminds river users to please Stash the Trash when recreating along the Clackamas River. Every summer, the Clackamas River Basin Council brings out their free reusable bags and stocks them on bags stands at popular Clackamas

Pacific Lamprey in the Clackamas River

Pacific Lamprey in the Clackamas River Thank you to CRBC Board Member Nick Ackerman for contributing this post. The start of summer means that Pacific Lamprey are on the move in the Clackamas River. Lampreys are a strange looking fish at first sight. Eel-like with a round suction-cup mouth and sharp teeth; pores instead of

Q & A with CRBC’s Riparian Specialist Eric Butler

Why are native plants important in the Clackamas watershed? Native plants are important for two broad reasons: they are adapted to our region, and they have co-evolved with our local ecosystems. That adaptation means that native plants are able to thrive in the right environments, while being co-evolved means that they support a much more

NOAA Fisheries Services Investing $1.2M in CRBC Habitat Restoration Projects

NOAA Fisheries Recommends $3.8M in Funding for Clackamas partnership projects,$1.2M to fund projects along the Clackamas River May 1, 2023 Clackamas, OR – On April 22nd, 2023, NOAA Fisheries Services announced its intent to award $3.8M for fisheries restoration projects to the Clackamas Partnership, a Focused Investment Partnership of more than 15 Portland metropolitan organizations.

Sieben-Riverbend Restoration Project Update

In late February this site was replanted by contractors, and later this coming fall a different contractor will be enlisted to clear English ivy and clematis from trees in the floodplain. This project would not be possible without our fantastic partnership with the Oregon Water Enhancement Board (OWEB) and community members like you! Want to