Deep, Goose, Eagle 2004 Fish Passage Assessment

Watershed:   Deep Creek

Stream:   Tributary of Tickle Ck

Road:   SE Moonbeam Dr

Latitude:   45.39344564

Longitude:   -122.3223157

Elevation:   621 feet

Ownership:   County

Fish Use:   Resident

Type:   Round metal culvert pipe (2)

Slope:   2.2%

Habitat Description

Channel habitat type:   Moderate gradient confined

Catchment acreage:   824

Avg. bankfull width:   11 ft.

Distance from Clackamas R.:   7.5 miles

Upstream fish-bearing length:   2.8 miles

Comments:   This crossing consists of 2 round CMP pipes, 4′ 6″ diameter (each pipe)     

Prioritization and Cost Information

Degree of fish passage blockage:   Complete

Habitat priority:   24

Habitat and cost priority:   24

Fix solution:   Low Profile Arch

Span:   4.5 ft.


Length:   80.6 ft.

Fill Height (ft):   7.9 ft.

Utilities concerns:   May have UG utilities; there are a few house located past this point

Traffic volume:   Light, but daily

Total Estimated Project Cost:   $88,000

Field Photos