Crossing CL100

Clear and Foster Creek 2002 Fish Passage Assessment

CL100inWatershed: Clear Creek

Stream: T Clear Ck.

Road: Priv. Cedarhurst

Latitude: 45.3307489063

Longitude: -122.4274157417

Elevation: 290 ft

Ownership: Private

Fish Presence: fish present

Survey date: 07/11/2002

Crossing Description

Type: round culvert

Number of culverts at crossing: 2

Condition: +1.0 years left

Diameter: 24.0 in

Length: 50.5 ft

Crossing slope: 2.9 %

Avg. embedded: 30.0%

Type of embedding: simulated streambed

Embedded material: gravel

Inlet design: non-mitered

Backwater drop: + 0.0 ft

Inlet elev: +2.7 ft

Avg. fill height: 3.5 ft

Road width: 20.0 ft

Road armor: fine

Habitat Description

Channel habitat type: moderate gradient, moderately confined

Catchment acreage: 982

Avg. channel slope: 3.5%

Avg. bankfull width: 21.8 ft

Dist from Clackamas R.: 9.0 miles

Upstream fish-bearing length: 2.8 miles

Dominant channel substrate: cobble

Comments: Extremely low use road (trail) that could be removed. Fish passing at high flow around side meandering channel. System works/responds well to wood. Upper culvert likely passes fish because of gradient and velocity.

Prioritization and Cost Information

Fish passage: partial

Habitat priority: 9

Habitat and cost priority: 4

Fix solution: removal

Span: ft


Design $0

Materials $0

Install $4,200

Contingencies $1,260

Total $5,460.00