The Clackamas River Basin Council has many current and ongoing projects. The projects listed here have been updated in 2022. Please call us with any questions – we look forward to hearing from you : 503-303-4372.


Current Restoration Projects



In summer of 2022, the Clackamas River Basin Council will be restoring a side channel and its riparian habitat at the confluence of Sieben Creek with the Clackamas River. River-goers may see construction taking place at the mouth of Sieben Creek as they boat or float the Clackamas. This side channel will create vital habitat for fish and wildlife.

Status: Construction beginning in summer 2022, planting in 2022 and 2023, monitoring ongoing.



Kingfisher Side Channel reconnection project


At Milo McIver State Park at the Kingfisher Campground, the Clackamas River Basin Council reconnected an historic side channel off the main-stem of the Clackamas River. This side channel will provide year-round habitat for juvenile threatened and endangered fish and other wildlife.

Status: Construction completed in 2021, planting completed in 2022, monitoring ongoing.



Eagle Creek

At Bonnie Lure State Park near Estacada, the Clackamas River Basin Council staged over 150 logs on Eagle Creek’s side channels to improve habitat conditions for Coho salmon, spring and fall Chinook salmon and pacific lamprey.

Status: Construction completed in 2020, planting completed in 2022, monitoring ongoing.



Other Projects