Get involved in restoring our watershed and volunteer with CRBC!

Our typical volunteer opportunities include:

  • in-stream and riparian restoration projects
  • planting native trees and shrubs while learning about how we can improve watershed health
  • pulling invasive weeds
  • recycling Christmas trees in a side channel
  • cleaning up a creek

Due to Covid-19 distancing requirements, we are limiting our volunteer opportunities to fewer people. Please inquire about the following opportunities to register to attend.

Xmas Tree Placement

August 31, 2020 | 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Milo McIver State Park, Meet at the Disc Golf Course @ 8:45 AM

Clackamas River Basin Council is partnering with Trout Unlimited and to create habitat for juvenile fish. We will be placing recycled xmas trees that will offer shelter for fish, protecting them from larger fish and birds of prey.
For more information, contact Suzi Cloutier at suzi@clackamasriver.org.

Down the River Cleanup
September 12 & 13, 2020

The annual Down the River Cleanup will feature specific sign-up times to accommodate social distancing regulations. We will post the link to the pre-registration shortly.

Questions about volunteering? email info@clackamasriver.org.

Volunteers Create Bucket Brigade
to Move Mulch

Volunteers at the Rock Creek Native Planting Work Party passed buckets of mulch down the hill to the planting site.

 Video courtesy of Friends of Trees.

Ever Wonder Where Your Recycled
Xmas Tree Goes?

Some discarded Xmas trees are used by Clackamas River Basin Council to provide refuge and habitat for young and migrating fish. Volunteers place trees in side channels and streams. Take a look at what’s under the surface.