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What is a watershed council?

Watershed councils are locally-based, voluntary, non-regulatory groups that have a goal of improving their designated watershed. Watershed councils officially "began" in 1995, when the Oregon Legislature unanimously passed House Bill 3441. For the official definition of a council, you can read Oregon Revised Statute 541.388.

Watershed councils are typically grant-funded organizations that bring together different "stakeholder groups." Stakeholder groups are often a diverse mix of people, and include private and public individuals. This helps to build community among stakeholders, and insures the watershed council considers issues from every perspective.

The CRBC was founded in 1997, and has representatives elected from 21 diverse member groups in the basin. We meet monthly as a consensus-based forum to foster partnerships for clean water, healthy streams and abundant fisheries in our watershed. The aim of our Board and Staff is to protect and improve water quality and fish and wildlife habitat, and support the quality of life for those who live, work and recreate in the Clackamas River basin.