Deep, Goose, Eagle 2004 Fish Passage Assessment

Watershed:   Eagle Creek

Stream:   Currin Creek

Road:   SE Talons Rd

Latitude:   45.33403933

Longitude:   -122.3529191

Elevation:   376 feet

Ownership:   County

Fish Use:   Resident

Type:   Round metal culvert pipes (2)

Slope:   RB: 0.6% LB: 0.8%

Habitat Description

Channel habitat type:   Low gradient

Catchment acreage:   2,517

Avg. bankfull width:   7 feet

Distance from Clackamas R.:   2.3 miles

Upstream fish-bearing length:   10.4 miles

Comments:   This crossing is a partial barrier on Talons Road over Currin Creek. It is a double culvert crossing with a high outlet jump and borderline culvert slopes. The crossing is not of adequate size to handle the seasonal flows and routinely backs up over the road. This site is combined with EG009B in the same spreadsheet. Crossing consists of two 48″ CMP.     

Prioritization and Cost Information

Degree of fish passage blockage:   Partial

Habitat priority:   18

Habitat and cost priority:   6

Fix solution:   Culvert Stream Simulation

Span:   4 ft

Rise:   ft

Length:   25 ft

Fill Height (ft):   0.88 ft

Utilities concerns:   May have UG utilities; there are a few house located past this point

Traffic volume:   Light, but daily

Total Estimated Project Cost:   $23,000