Deep, Goose, Eagle 2004 Fish Passage Assessment

Watershed:   Deep Creek

Stream:   Deep Creek

Road:   SE Nickel Rd

Latitude:   45.35002484

Longitude:   -122.2983926

Elevation:   753 feet

Ownership:   County

Fish Use:   Anadromous

Type:   Round metal culvert pipe (2)

Slope:   1.2%

Habitat Description

Channel habitat type:   Moderate gradient mod. confined

Catchment acreage:   2,702

Avg. bankfull width:   18 feet

Distance from Clackamas R.:   9.4 miles

Upstream fish-bearing length:   7.6 miles

Comments:   This consists of a double culvert crossing immediately upstream of DPD05 on Deep Creek. Though the road is marked on the GIS road layer as a Clackamas County easement, local residents and the County have treated it as a private road. It is a barrier for juvenile and/or weaker swimming fish because of the pipe slope and flow constriction. The pipes are 4′ diameter CMP (primary culvert) and 3’x4′ ovals steel plate (old boiler?)     

Prioritization and Cost Information

Degree of fish passage blockage:   Partial

Habitat priority:   13

Habitat and cost priority:   17

Fix solution:   Bridge

Span:   See details ft

Rise:   ft

Length:   37 ft

Fill Height (ft):   2.5 ft

Utilities concerns:   May have UG utilities; there are a few house located past this point

Traffic volume:   Light, but daily

Total Estimated Project Cost:   $161,000

Field Photos