Clear and Foster Creek 2002 Fish Passage Assessment


Watershed: Clear Creek

Stream: T Clear Ck.

Road: Private

Latitude: 45.2633206832

Longitude: -122.3775240911

Elevation: 518 ft

Ownership: Private

Fish Presence: fish present

Survey date: 06/18/2002


Crossing Description

Type: pipe arch
Condition: +5.0 years left

Diameter: 38.4 x 75.0 in

Length: 20.0 ft

Crossing slope: 7.9 %

Avg. embedded: no material

Inlet design: non-mitered

Backwater drop: + 0.1 ft

Inlet elev: -0.3 ft

Avg. fill height: -0.6 ft

Road width: 14.0 ft

Habitat Description

Channel habitat type: moderately steep, narrow valley

Catchment acreage: 510

Avg. channel slope: 3.2%

Avg. bankfull width: 9.1 ft

Dist from Clackamas R.: 16.7 miles

Upstream fish-bearing length: 1.3 miles

Dominant channel substrate: bedrock

Comments: Very low overhead cover. Less than 1 ft. Solution – May get a few strong adults through due to short length. Pipe arch embedded, 20 ft long.

Prioritization and Cost Information

Fish passage: no

Habitat priority: 40

Habitat and cost priority: 17

Fix solution: culvert w/ simulated streambed

Span: 10.0 ft

Material: metal

Design $3,500

Materials $3,900

Install $3,850

Contingencies $3,375

Total $14,625.00