Clear and Foster Creek 2002 Fish Passage Assessment


Watershed: Clear Creek

Stream: T Little Cedar

Road: Habelt

Latitude: 45.2276509291

Longitude: -122.2933433804

Elevation: 1172 ft

Ownership: County

Fish Presence: fish present

Survey date: 06/19/2002

Crossing Description

Type: round culvert

Condition: 10.0 years left

Diameter: 36.0 in

Length: 42.0 ft

Crossing slope: 0.1 %

Backwater drop: + 0.2 ft

Avg. fill height: 5.8 ft

Habitat Description

Channel habitat type: Low gradient, moderately confined

Catchment acreage: 365.0

Avg. channel slope: 2.0%

Avg. bankfull width: 6.0 ft

Distance from Clackamas R.: 24.4 miles

Upstream fish-bearing length: 1457 ft

Dominant channel substrate: none recorded

Comments: Water trough fenced off for cows. Solution – Some velocity through the culvert and near the fringe of jump height for partial block. Pipe arch, 42 ft long, embedded. County culvert estimate based on open box.

Prioritization and Cost Information

Fish passage: partial

Habitat priority: 43

Habitat and cost priority: 48

Fix solution: culvert w/ simulated streambed

Span: 7.0 ft

Material: metal

Design NA

Materials NA

Install NA

Contingencies NA

Total $71,500.00