Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of individuals representing 21 different stakeholder groups. You can find out more about each board member by clicking below!

Current Officers

Chair:  Ron Blake (Water Providers)

Chair-Elect:  Bill Monroe (Recreation Interests)

Secretary:  Jackie Tommas (Environmental Interests)

Treasurer:  Dave Albrecht (Education/Youth)

Past Chair:  Dick Jones (Water Providers)

Members-at-Large:  Gail Shaloum (Special Districts), John Borden (Environmental Interests), Bryon Boyce (Property Owners Mainstem)

Board of Directors by Representative Group

Agriculture - Andy Buoni, Aaron Caldwell 

Native American Tribes and Interests - Kelly Warren, Michael Karnosh

Fish and Wildlife - Douglas DeHart 

Forest Service/BLM Liaisions - Jack Williamson, Gwen Collier, Bruce Zoellick

Local Government Agencies - 

Small Woodlot Owners - Bill Lenon

Special Districts - Gail Shaloum, Lowell Hanna

Water Providers - Ron Blake, Dick Jones

Local Hydropower Utility - Nicholas Loos, Tim Shibahara

Commerce - Todd Bartlett

Environmental Interests - John Borden, Jackie Tommas

Citizens-at-Large - Ivars Steinblums, Dave Kleinke, Dick Jones

Education/Youth - Dave Albrecht

Property Owners/Mainstem - Bryon Boyce, Ris Bradshaw

Property Owner Tributary - Gary Guttridge

Recreation Interests - Bill Monroe

State Natural Resource Agency - Guy Rodrigue

Urban CPO - 

Rural CPO - Earlean Marsh

Commercial Woodproducts - Jim Rice