On the River

  •  Don’t be a litterbug! Use one of CRBC’s Stash the Trash bags (available at Barton, Carver, McIver, and Bagby Hot Springs.
  •  Participate in the Down the River Clean Up with CRBC and We Love Clean Rivers.
  • Keep our waterways clean and healthy by following these Clean Boater tips and taking the Clean Boater Pledge.
  • Rafters and floaters must help keep human waste out of Oregon's waters.  Human waste threatens fish and wildlife, and causes human illnesses such as hepatitis and E. Coli.  Use restrooms at the various parks -- if a toilet is not available, bury all human waste and toilet paper at least six inches below the ground, and at least 200 feet away from the edge of a river or any other water source.
  • Pick up after your pets!
  • Volunteer to plant trees along a streamside with CRBC -- more info on upcoming events can be found here.