At Your Business

2007 03 06 Estacada Bioswale 03   Large Rocks In Swale

  •  Become Ecobiz certified! Certified businesses in the automotive, car wash, and landscape industries benefit by receiving free marketing and advertising and being recognized as leaders in their industry.
  • Get certified by Salmon Safe for incorporating business practices that are beneficial for salmon. 
  • Fix a leak! Contact the Clackamas River Water Providers to find out more information about how to do a home water audit. Curious about how much water that drippy faucet is wasting? Try this calculator.
  • Make your appliances water-wise. You can install faucet aerators, low-flow showerheads, or purchase a low-flow toilet. The Clackamas River Water Providers has periodic rebates available for these updates.
  • Dispose of prescription drugs properly. This keeps unused medications safely out of our drinking water. To find out where a take back event is occurring near you, click here. You can also contact RiverHealth .
  • Take the Pledge for Watershed Health with RiverHealth!
  • Minimize hazardous waste in your business and dispose of any waste product properly. For tips, see DEQ's Household Hazardous Waste site.