At Home

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  • Fix a leak!  Contact the Clackamas River Water Providers to find out more information about how to do a home water audit.  Curious about how much water that drippy faucet is wasting?  Try this calculator.
  • Make your appliances water-wise.  You can install faucet aerators, low-flow showerheads, or purchase a low-flow toilet.  The Clackamas River Water Providers has periodic rebates available for these updates.
  • Dispose of prescription drugs properly.  This keeps unused medications safely out of our drinking water.  To find out where a take back event is occurring near you, click here.  You can also contact RiverHealth.
  • Take the Pledge for Watershed Health with RiverHealth!
  • Minimize hazardous waste in your home and dispose of any waste product properly.  For tips, see DEQ's Household Hazardous Waste site.
  • If you have a private water well or septic system, learn how to maintain these facilities in good order.  It could save you costly repairs, protect your family's health, and insure the continued safety of your groundwater.  For tips, click here.